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My aim is to use my online presence to bring awareness to topics that are important to me, including vulnerability & authenticity, animal rights, and sustainable living. I strive to create content that makes a difference and which inspires positive change in the world. 




Brand ambassador


I’m passionate about working with ethically-conscious brands that align with my personal values. When teaming up with a brand, I always make sure I love their product before I agree to the collaboration. That way I can offer a genuine review and remain honest to my followers and myself.

Social Media Mangement


Soulcial Media

Let's Collaborate!

Do you have a product, hotel, event or experience and you'd like to spread the word? Here's how can I help...

  • Recommendation via Instagram posts & stories

  • Giveaways & contests

  • Instagram Live/story take-overs 

  • Blog write-up (including photography) 

  • Vlog-style video review 

  • Fresh new photography/videography for your web & socials


Create an aesthetic!


It's no secret that having an online presence has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand the visibility of their products or services. With over 1 billion active users on Instagram and 2.7 billion on Facebook, incorporating a marketing strategy is a must for every business wishing to scale up and reach new horizons.


I spent years learning how to build an online presence! Through trial and error, heaps of energy, and countless hours, I grew an online community of wellness and travel-inspired followers who actively engage with my content.


I then founded Soulcial Media Management, and alongside my small, heart-centred team, we help others to do exactly the same! 


Remove the stress of needing to constantly post, staying up to date on the latest algorithms and creating high-quality reels which capture the imaginations of your audience. Let us take the work off your hands so you can get back to being the Yogapreneur that you are.

Our passion is to raise the voice of brands within the Health & Wellness industry. Whether you run a yoga studio, an eco-festival, or anything else related to the world of wellbeing, we can help your accounts to get the eyeballs they deserve.

So, you're fed up with how time consuming and overwhelming social media can be!

...I hear you!

Make a statement!

That being said, life is fun! So I love to portray happiness and positivity in my posts and captions. I am a big fan of silliness, dancing for the sake of it, and awful dad jokes! If I can make one person smile then I feel like I have achieved something worthwhile. 



A Yoga and Surf Retreat



Wellness Knowledge


Rather than hiring a company or individual with no true understanding of wellness, each member of our small team is passionate about the journey of self-expansion through the practices of yoga, meditation, movement, connecting with nature, and conscious travel. In turn, we are able to create niched content that is infused with insight into all things holistic. This powerful blend of our dedication to living well, combined with our in-depth understanding of the marketing sphere, enables us to be able to communicate directly and powerfully to your target demographic and their specific struggles and pain-points. At Soulcial Media Management, we go beyond surface-level content.

Personal touch

We are passionate about learning your unique brand voice. With a vision to captivate your following, we will create a digital space that communicates your brand story and vision, always in keeping with your brand aesthetic. Your brand won't be lost in the depths of a large, multi-client social media management team - we only take on a select number of clients to ensure that the personal touch is never lost!

Ongoing support

As part of our commitment to your success, we offer monthly support calls to discuss and fine-tune your marketing strategy. This ensures that we're always aligned and moving in the right direction. We understand the importance of being readily available for any questions or concerns that may arise. That's why we provide ongoing WhatsApp, Slack or email support, so you can reach out to us whenever you need assistance, guidance, or simply want to bounce ideas off us.

Your success is our success


We are able to achieve success for you and your brand in the online space because we truly care about the impact you are making in the world in support of people and our planet. We see social media as the powerful tool that it is in driving positive change. As such, we are motivated to leverage its potential to amplify your message, connect you with your audience, and create a meaningful impact.


  • Strategic scheduling

  • Creative feed organisation

  • Photo editing in keeping with your colour palette

  • Thoughtful caption writing

  • Hashtag sourcing

  • Automated posting from Instagram to Facebook

  • Custom graphic design for posts

  • Set-up call & onboarding

  • WhatsApp/email support

          *Content supplied by client

          *Doesn't include reels


"The Essential "

12 posts per month

It's time to bring your brand's inspiration to life on social media. We understand the importance of consistency and alignment, so each piece of content will seamlessly integrate with your overall brand identity. From eye-catching visuals to compelling captions, we've got you covered. Let us take care of every detail, so you can focus on what you do best - managing your business and engaging with your audience.

  • You crave a profile that exudes professionalism and seamlessly aligns with your unique brand identity

  • You're eager to infuse your socials with enhanced branding elements and a captivating aesthetic that makes your account stand out from the rest

  • Your business is doing well, and you're ready to expand your reach to a wider audience.

With our tailored plan, we'll alleviate the burden of content creation, provide a polished and on-brand Instagram presence, and help you attract a broader audience. Let's unlock the full potential of your social media and propel your business towards even greater achievements.

The Essential plan is for you if...


"The Accelerator "

16 posts per month

  • You’re ready to elevate the success of your marketing goals by implementing a proven strategy!

  • You don’t have time to engage with your audience on social media (an important part of growing a thriving community!)- let us take care of this for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

  • Your business is thriving and you are ready to inject greater energy into the online space- helping to foster new connections.

Together, let's take your brand to new heights and create meaningful connections

that drive long-term growth.

The Accelerator plan is for you if...

  • Everything from the Essential & Accelerator plans

  • A complete and thorough Marketing Strategy to drive home your brand's goals

  • Content Creation

  • Newsletter Creation & Management

  • Blog Creation & Management

  • Paid ad Creation & Management

  • Custom graphic design for marketing materials (posters, etc)

  • More in-depth Community Engagement

  • Monthly strategy calls to support your business and its success

  • Preference for ad-hoc work

"The Catalyst"

20 posts per month

This is the ultimate plan for any business looking to fully optimise their presence online. Incorporating stunning aesthetics and connection-based community interaction, we’ll implement a solid marketing strategy that encompasses not only social media but also newsletter and blog management.


This is the plan to catalyst your vision in the online sphere!

  • You want to seamlessly integrate your social media efforts with other marketing areas to create a cohesive strategy that delivers exceptional results.

  • You’re looking for direct support in the scalability of your business; our dedicated team is here to provide you with tailored suggestions and effective strategies that foster growth and success.


  • No more scattered efforts or disjointed campaigns. We'll align your marketing initiatives, ensuring they work together harmoniously to maximise your impact and achieve your business goals.

Get ready to witness the true potential of a streamlined and synergistic marketing

strategy that drives tangible results.

The Catalyst plan is for you if...


Designed to accelerate the growth of your socials, this comprehensive plan encompasses all the design elements of our Essential plan, with greater posting frequency, community engagement, and a strategic focus on reels. This plan includes daily stories to provide more opportunity for account interaction and a deeper connection with your audience. We understand the importance of community engagement, fostering meaningful conversations, and building trust among your followers.

  • Everything from our Essential plan!

  • Reel creation

  • Daily stories (Mon-Fri)

  • Highlight graphic design

  • Bio revamp

  • FB Group Engagement

  • Community Management (response to DMs and comments in a timely manner)

  • Community Engagement (interacting with users to build a two-way conversation and boost engagement)

        *Content supplied by client


Client results


Is your business' aesthetic refined, professional and aligned with your brand?

Discovery Call Presentation_edited.jpg

Do your followers know exactly what you're offering the moment they enter your account?

Discovery Call Presentation.jpg

No more clashing colours or misaligned graphics. The professionalism of your business is blended into your social spaces

Discovery Call Presentation_edited.jpg

Infuse harmony and soul into your socials to create a feed that speaks to your audience...

Discovery Call Presentation (1)_edited.jpg
Discovery Call Presentation (2).png

Client results


  • We've almost doubled their following; growing from just

over 700 followers to almost 1300

  • They're reaching over 26k accounts each week!

  • Their reels are reaching up to 20k views

We began working with this client just 3 months ago, and in that time:

Happy Clients!

Here's what my clients have to say about the work we're accomplishing together...

Contact DC

Are you ready to infuse soul into your socials?

Contact us below for your FREE Discovery Call, in which we will discuss your needs and objectives and how we can help to turn your social media followers into clients.

I'll be in touch!



Soulcial Media 

Social Media Coaching



  • Feeling left behind in the digital space?

  • Missing out on leads, opportunities or clients because you're not really online?

  • Not sure what to post on a regular basis?

  • Tired of feeling like you're wasting your time online because you don't have a strategy?

  • Wanting to create your own blog post, graphic or video but have no idea where to begin?

  • Wanting to create a platform that speaks to your audience?

  • Not sure where to begin with creating content? ("hold on, what is a reel anyway?")


I am here to help!



1:1 Personalised Social Media Coaching Sessions


Attracting clients from your social media platforms doesn't need to be a distant dream. With my simple-to-apply strategies, tools and techniques, you can create an online presence that speaks to your audience and turns followers into clients! And what's more, you'll actually ENJOY the process!

My 1:1 coaching sessions are designed for conscious, motivated and wellness-inspired individuals who are ready to build their brand, get noticed and make money with a solid marketing strategy. If you have a product that you know is of high-value and you have the time to manage your page yourself... but you're just not sure how, these sessions are for you!

  • I will conduct an initial, deep social media assessment of your current social media accounts.

  • We'll have 6 private 90-minute coaching sessions spread out over the course of 6 weeks, in which we'll delve deep into your brand and your objectives. 

  • During our intensive sessions, we’ll work together to discover and clarify your professional goals, uncover and articulate exactly what makes you awesome, then package you up into a powerful online presence that makes people want to work for and with you!

  • During the 6-week course, you will have unlimited email and whatsapp support, in which you can reach out to me with your questions and doubts. Stuck on a caption or which hashtags to use? Don't worry, reach out and we'll figure it out together! 

  • I will conduct a deep social media assessment of your current social media accounts.

  • One 90-minute 1:1 Social Media Coaching Session, in which we will go through my personalised analysis with suggestions for improvement. I will share with you the tips and tools I used to grow my own social media following, as well as answer any questions you may have and deliver tutorials on certain app functionalities. 

  • After the session, I will provide you with tasks to complete at home, to ensure that you are set up for success.

  • 2 weeks of UNLIMITED whatsapp support after our coaching session – this is priceless! You get unlimited access to my brain for 14 days. I will check in on everything you’ve done so far and give you even more advice on how to keep improving.


1:1 Personalised Social Media Coaching Session:

6-Week 1:1 Intensive Coaching Package:

Please contact me below for pricing. Please note, for my 6-Week 1:1 Intensive Coaching Package you are eligible for a FREE Discovery Call. 


Caroline Vo, Founder & CEO of Omflow

I have fallen back in love with creating content!

She has also helped me to plan and organise my content so I now know exactly what is going to get posted when, which means I never end up in that horrible situation of not knowing what to write or when to post.


Her technical knowledge is very impressive and I have learnt how to do things I never thought were possible in a matter of minutes! She is super patient and understanding too so you never feel like you’re asking something you should know the answer to.


In short, working with Daisy has reignited my passion for sharing my business with the world, I have fallen back in love with creating content and am really enjoying interacting with my followers once more, so thank you Daisy! I have done online courses on social media before and I have worked with other social media managers and I can hand on heart say that I have never felt as inspired as I have working with Daisy.”

Giulietta Durante, Menstrual Cycle Nutritionist & Founder of Hormones in Harmony 


“Before working with Daisy my social media presence was a disaster! My approach was erratic and haphazard and I used to find it exhausting and very stressful. However since working with Daisy I have really started to enjoy the social media side of my business again. She has inspired me to create fun and engaging content and her insights have helped me increase my following and have a lot more interaction with potential clients.

Crack the online marketing puzzle once and for all!


I am interested in:

I'll be in touch!

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